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You could get a link to share with your friends who may not have the script, but would link to the HQ / HD version so they may have seen it too. Also, if you chose, the link would include the exact time you were into the video.  This script is no longer available for download.

Current download link.

Support Edit

If you needed help, wanted a feature added, made a suggestion, wished to report a bug or anything else, log an issue, leave the developer a comment, send me a private message, or drop me an email. I will respond quickly to either one, unless the script is no longer being worked on.

Issues Edit


Bugs for this script are hosted on Google Code.


This script is guaranteed to work in a clean profile of Firefox up to version 3.6, however it does not yet work in Firefox 4. It is is known to have issues with Safari, Google Chrome and most likely Internet Explorer. The developer may consider adding Opera support, but encourages Opera users to switch to Firefox or Chrome in the meantime.

Recommended scriptsEdit

The developer recommends using these scripts (in conjunction) with this script. For YouTube:

In general:

Testing Edit

Here is a list of High Definition YouTube videos for demonstrating the quality selection feature.

Contributors Edit

Who contributes to this script? There is a list. If you want to become a part of this script, feel free to e-mail me (, and I shall add you. The project uses subversion.

License Edit

This script is licensed heavily under a Creative Commons license. You are allowed to use and distribute it, but not to modify it. If you wish to add to this script, contact the developer first.


The developer wishes that those who find the script useful and are able to give a donation, any amount is appreciated. Donate.